16 Oct 2018 00:00:00 AM Последние новости

We have some very important news

We have some very important news. Perhaps, the most important this week.

The Briastorm company won’t conduct an ICO

The reasons are:

First of all, this is a strategic decision. Our company has three main products: the Advertising CPS Platform, Broker and ZH Cash. After an analysis of the situation on the market, it was decided to shift the focus from the CPS Platform to ZH Cash. This will enable us to scale our business and attract financing from the major funds within a shorter time frame.  

The second reason is the dubious reputation of ICO, as a fund-raising for scale up and development. Some projects that have conducted an ICO before have not fulfilled their obligations. We don’t want our work to have negative connotations, albeit indirectly.

Why ZH Cash?

ZH.Cash - is a platform for the promotion of cross-sectoral blockchain technologies. We simplified and made it cheaper to implement a blockchain in a ready business. Our competitors – Hyperledger, Ethereum, NEM, EOS, Bitcoin, NEO, WAVES, NXT.

  • A Product is absolutely ready for use, only promotion and packaging are needed.

  • The ability for a fast scaling up

  • Unique technology, that needs to be present on the market fast.

What’s going to happen with the CPS Platform?

The advertising CPS Platform is going to develop, but we will scale up the Platform after ZH Cash launch and after increasing the company’s capital.

What to do now:

All tokens which were purchased during the preICO will be exchanged to ZH Cash tokens

4BST = 1ZH

The instruction of the exchange of BST to ZH will be sent to the e-mail account registered for Pre ICO before 15 of October.

As a result of this decision, we plan to enhance the reputation of the Briastorm Company on the market and in the professional community.