Update of the Briacoin blockchain network to PoS ver.3 and release new version of the wallet


Introducing a new version of the wallet. Required update.

And so, the main wave of PoW mining is over and now the bias is being made to develop and improve PoS. this is the most interesting and profitable part in the life of the crypto currency of Briacoin and the community. We prepared the network for automatic transition to PoS version 3 on the 450,000 block.

The design is slightly updated and the interface is improved.
The stealth address has been fully developed.
Some bugs have been fixed.
Updated the core of the wallet.
Now multi-address in one purse.

By popular demand we have made a display of the version of the wallet.
Now the version of the wallet can be viewed through the main menu on the left Tools> About Bria

We are working on creating a new version of the mobile wallet for Android systems,
the availability of the new version is 90%, the new version will work autonomously (without nodes).
Also finish the work on the version for iOS systems (iPhone / iPad), the availability of the version is 90%.
To update, just download the new version and unzip it over the old one.
The database should not be touched. For those who have not made a backup of your wallet, we strongly recommend that you do this.

The backup function is available in the wallet itself or manually by copying the file wallet.dat.
Old versions of wallets are no longer supported, please upgrade!
Mobile version of the purse for Android does not need updating, at the moment, the priority task for the blocking team of the Briastorm program team is the speedy release of a new version of the Android wallet and versions of the purse for iOs and Linux.