News from developers Briastorm Blockchain / January - March 2018.

News from developers Briastorm Blockchain.

1. The testing of a new version of a social network, a market and an application with payment for actions by Briacoins is coming to an end. In March 2018, there will be a transition from the alpha version to the beta version.
2. Testing is completed. In March 2018, the internal CRM system will be launched and integrated for Briastorm users.
3. There is a revision and launch of a new version of Android wallet for Briacoin.
4. There is a development of Briacoin wallet for iOS users (iPhone and iPad).
5. A binary version of the Briacoin wallet for Linux is being developed.
6. A new version of Briacoin purse 0.7.5 is released. This is the first version of the new generation of the line, which supports PoS ver.3 and automatically switches to PoS version 3 after the network is 450 thousand units.
7. The launch of the commodity sphere and the development of cooperation with dozens of companies led by
8. The partner office is being updated.
9. The crypto-currency broker was launched in the alpha version. An update is being prepared (charts and statistics of the broker's token rate).
10. There is a development and work on launching and testing a unique platform for the creation of crypto-currency for settlements and ico ZH Cash.
11. The work on launching the preico and ico Briastorm is being actively carried out. Estimated start time March - April 2018.
12. There is a development of a separate website, a cabinet for preico and ico.
13. In March (near the end), it is planned to start and open discount sales of Briastorm tokens.
14. The development of the new Briacoin Cash crypto currency is actively underway, soon the launch of the site (April-May 2018).
15. The first crypto currency Briacoin Lite is actively being developed on the basis of the ZH Cash platform.
16. In February 2018 a representative office of a closed type was opened (reception only by prior appointment and agreement) in Dubai (United Arab Emirates (Arabic: الإمارات العربية المتحدة - El-Imarat el-Arabiya al-Muttahid, abbreviated - UAE). Later, there will be a separate news, which will contain more detailed information.
17. March - May 2018, work is under way to open several offices in India. Later, there will be a separate news, which will contain more detailed information.
18. Work is underway to build the first multifunctional business business center in Moscow (it will be a separate ico, possibly based on the ZH Cash platform / second half of 2018).
19. Restructuring of the work of the office and one of the main representative offices of Briastorm in Astana (Kazakhstan), the renewal and partial transfer of the representative powers to the head of Blockchain Kz.
20. Work is underway to update the main sites, many updates are planned for March and April 2018.
21. Launch of a number of infrastructure projects Briastorm Blockchain (Spring 2018!)