16 Oct 2018 00:00:00 AM Последние новости

Meer Cryptobroker

Six months ago, the developers of our system successfully launched the crypto asset management system — Cryptobroker. Our team has been testing the alpha version over the past three months and by mid-2018 has switched to the beta version. The product was created to manage the portfolio of cryptocurrency clients of our platform. An internal unit was created to control the management and its rate reflected the Cryptobroker’s total portfolio value index at the given time. Also, all the necessary tools were created to monitor the cryptocurrency rates included in the broker's portfolio.

Also, after the launch of the ZHcash network, the BrokerCoin (ZBC) cryptocurrency was created at its basis https://zerohour.network/index/blockexplorer.html?asset=2, which replaced the internal unit. That is, we created a cryptocurrency secured by the portfolio managed by a broker and the price of a coin will depend not on the market demand, but on its price on a broker's platform.

For more information, the site of our new cryptocurrency was launched, where everyone can learn about all its advantages. Link:  http://cryptobrokercoin.cash/