16 Oct 2018 00:00:00 AM Последние новости

The final stage of ZeroHour next version release

The latest news from the development front of Briastorm - we are at the final stage of the release of the next version of ZeroHour. The platform starts supporting full-fledged smart contracts, with absolutely no special programming skills needed for it creation. At the moment there are only a few networks that work with the full function of smart contracts, Ethereum is one of them.

More details:

- ZeroHour platform allows you to create smart contracts for absolutely all cases and solve almost any task.

- Yesterday, the first full-fledged smart contract for nodes was created, which will be responsible for the distribution of profit between the nodes of the network.

- A smart contract guarantees for ZH nodes the earnings of other crypto assets. Those assets - which pass through the network officially (our customers who create a crypto currency or conduct an ICO) will be partially distributed among the nodes.

Nodes are the most important element of the network, the more nodes, the more powerful and productive the network. The nodes are engaged in conducting and calculating all assets (not only ZH). Therefore, a small % = contribution will be set to ensure the work of the nodes when creating the assets themselves. This has already been successfully implemented. Each node is assigned to a specific smart contract, in which all assets are concentrated to distribute profit between the nodes. Yesterday the system was put into operation, and soon the owners of the nodes will get the first profit. Recalculations and calculations of work are taken from the starting point, the first node.

These technological innovations will bring the network to a new level. Release is about in 1-2 months. During this time, smart contracts passed tests in practice will be successfully implemented in the ZH network.