19 Oct 2018 00:00:00 AM Последние новости

Make passive income with ZHcash nodes

We have great news! We have placed the nodes of ZHcash in the marketplace briastorm.com/members. Now you can buy nodes of three types: node, masternode and supernode. Each node (the node confirming the transaction on the network) will make profit for you depending on its size.

Let's go into more detail with the concept of masternode.

Masternodes - fully synchronized wallets that are connected to the network 24/7. Their function is to serve the network - from conducting transactions to additional services. The most famous example of the application of the masternode is the Dash network.

The most important thing is that the owing of the masterwork can be considered as passive mining. Owners of masternodes share the profit from the generation and validation of the blocks with the miners.

Usually the profitability of the masternode is inversely proportional to the liquidity of the coin - thus, the high capitalization and user activity rates result in a decrease in the profitability of the masternode in such a network. However, the profitablity is counted in cryptocurrency and it decreases in units of crypto currency. The profit in dollars is usually growing.

An important difference between ZHcash nodes will be the ability to take up to 20% of the crypto currency from the node balance and return them within a certain time to save the node. Thus, our nodes will be able to lend to their owners. All other nodes stop working immediately after their balance is less than the nominal.

Go to the market and buy the nodes at a discount of 20% for the period of pre-sale (June 27 - August 31, 2018). Each partner can create a link to the product, share it with others and start earning as a webmaster by selling nodes.