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7 steps to evaluate the ICO team

 In Briastorm we are convinced that a good team is one of the key aspects of a successful project, especially if it is an ICO.


If you open the sites of different companies, you will see a beautiful block with team members. It’s hard to understand form the first glance if team members are good or not. In order for you to evaluate the ICO team correctly, follow these steps:


1) Find the team on social networks or in Google.


Obviously, the creators of scam projects do not want to glow, so they will hide their profiles on the Internet. Find them. Look at what they write, the number of subscribers and friends. Learn what they read. So you will learn more about them.


2) Contact the team.


If you can’t reach them, why? And if you can, then ask them questions about the project. If the team likes their project, they will gladly answer all questions.


Note that these are usually busy people, so do not panic if the answer does not come right away.


3) Find out the number of team members.


You can not make a cool product, if there are only ten people in the team: a couple of supervisors and several technical specialists. We know this from experience, so now we have 40 developers from all over the world working for us.


4) Find out if there are specialists in the field in the team.


It’s good, if the team understands not only marketing, management and ICO, but also the product itself. Yes, we are doing ICO, but our employees are not only experts in the field of blockchain, but also in the sphere of CPS-networks. And only there we were able to create a working product that can be scaled.


5) Do not forget about the industry of crypto currency.


ICO is fundamentally different from the usual attraction of investments, so make sure that the team was composed of people from the area of ​​the blockchain.


6) Do not pay attention to well-known persons in the team.


More often than not, they are simply paid to have them registered in the state, rather than doing real work.


7) Find out whether the team is international or not?


If the team is international, then this is a definite plus. It is desirable that there are specialists who work with partners and investors on specific countries.


For example, in addition to developers from different countries, we still have leaders in our team who are responsible for individual geos, where we operate.


Do not hesitate to contact the team and try to understand who is who. The good work of the ICO team will bring you a good return on your investment.