Why blockchain is necessary for CPS-networks?

Before answering this question, let's look at CPS-networks without blockchain. This is quite risky format of the service. The webmaster can run into an unscrupulous seller and receive nothing. The seller can get on the unscrupulous webmaster, who will make fake leads. 

This issue is solved by smart contracts. How does it work?

1) The seller places a product or service. The block creates a chain of events that can’t be erased or changed.
2) The webmaster takes an offer, another one-key transaction is created. The record of a new transaction has a unique identifier that can’t be overwritten, wound or hacked. Decentralization protects the seller.
3) The system captures all the transitions via the affiliate link of the webmaster. After the sale system automatically transfers the percentage. Decentralization protects the webmaster.

Thus, CPS is one of the few industries where the blockchain is really needed. We have checked this many times on our product, which now collects investments. Become part of the CPS-networks of the future.