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Important information! Launching of a new Briastorm product — Cryptocurrency Broker (Beta-version)

Important information!

Launching of a new Briastorm product — Cryptocurrency Broker (Beta-version)
This is a big and important news. So, please, read till the end.

We are the first in the world who have created and developed a professional p2p 2 generation blockchain-based Broker platform.  

What you need to know about Broker:

There is a process of transferring and integration of databases to the new platform happening at the moment. After accounts will be moved to the new platform, all dollars accounts will be converted into BTC!

Since now and then there are just three types of financial relationships:

  • BitCoin (deposit into an account, withdrawal of funds, conversion-exchange)

  • Internal token with its own 2nd generation blockchain

  • Crypto Broker Coin (Broker’s cryptocurrency based on ZHCash blockchain platform)

The Broker’s cryptocurrency platform has a new address: http://cryptobroker.fund/

All accesses will be delivered to your e-mail, associated with your Briastorm’s account.

Registration in Broker is available by the smart-contract activation in Briastorm account.

An automatic exchange rate calculation system is implemented in the new platform:

  • Convenient exchange rate graphs are created

  • You can see all the history(days, months etc)

  • News, events and financial reporting are published there

From now on we have launched automatic system of assets distribution and additional administrative tasks completion without human participation.

Partner program starts at 01.06.2018. 5% from each withdrawal from the Broker account will be transferred to a person who invited you to the platform.

Our own cryptocurrency—Crypto Broker Coin [CBC]
Broker has its own cryptocurrency—Crypto Broker Coin [CBC], which is integrated into all working processes of Broker. The uniqueness of the created Broker’s cryptocurrency is that the CBC rate is regulated not by the market, but by the Broker. All internal Broker’s tokens are transparently exchanged one-to-one to the coins of Broker(CBC).

The working process of Broker will be transferred on the independent cryptocurrency—Crypto Broker Coin [CBC] in the future:

  • The emission of cryptocurrency is limited by 100mln coins and it’s regulated by Broker. Rate secures the growth of the Broker’s portfolio assets, i.e. the success of the Broker’s work directly influences on the rate of Crypto Broker Coin [CBC].

  • Broker always buys Crypto Broker Coin [CBC] from the market. And at the moment when  Broker buys CBC, he always takes his fixed commission.

  • One of the advantages of cryptocurrency is that you will be able to sell CBC to your partners over time, without Broker. Broker will get his commission in the moment of broker coins purchasing anyway.

What’s next?

  • Get Crypto Broker Coin [CBC] listed on different exchanges, firstly on local, then on international

  • Integration into markets and exchanges

  • Creation of the official CBC exchanger on all popular destinations

How to use a new system?

  1. Verification is an obligatory condition for the Broker usage. Any verification document is allowed.  

  2. Also, it is necessary to use the same login and e-mail as it’s on your Briastorm account.

Accounts in Broker and account activation now automatically happen for Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Platinum contracts. After a contract activation, there will be data about your Broker account activation sent to the e-mail and personal account during 24 hours. Those who have Gold contracts activate their accounts in Broker by sending a free-form request: Please, activate my broker account.