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About BRIA Corporation

The company is young and is at the very beginning of its journey, i.е. now is the most interesting moment, the collection of top teams and leaders.

Of course, we are ready to provide profitable entry conditions and advantages, namely to leaders and well-coordinated teams, who do not need to explain what bitcoin, crypto-currencies, technology blockbuster, network business and IT industry in general. Let's start with the main thing, at the beginning of February 2017 there was an official registration of the company. The company is not off-shore, information is available in the public registry of companies in Scotland. As of October 2017, the founders of the company number 14 people from different parts of the world. The company is aimed at the international market with a bias towards the Russian-speaking audience. some founders and developers of the company from Russia. International team of programmers, at this stage of development of about 250 people.

The main technical audience and developers from countries: Russia, USA, India, Nepal, China, Great Britain, Nigeria, Lithuania, Ukraine. The strongest development office is in New York. The company's activities are not limited to any one sphere. The main thrust is the development of the industry as a whole. The company already has a huge number of high-tech services and products, which simply can not be described on a single page. There are good investments and strong technical geniuses and developers behind the company.

BRIA is first of all an international expert scientific and technical organization that develops various software. Areas: payment and banking systems, site management systems, various platforms, block technology technologies, cryptography and crypto-currencies, stock exchanges, stock markets, advertising, social networks, marketing, commodity sphere, CPA marketing and this is not a complete list.

If to express one thesis - Briastorm Neural network or business conglomerate. In the future, two types of companies will remain on the market: those who are on the Internet and those who have left the business. BRIASTORM Corporation strives to create comfortable conditions for the work of its partners: transparent and generous marketing, high quality and safety of products, regular training events and trainings.

We collect strong teams for training and work. A unique and unique business of a new generation, which at this time has no analogues in the world. Great variety of products and services, own messenger, neural network and neural bank, own crypto currency. The company is rapidly gaining momentum. Business is designed for many decades! The company is registered in Scotland.

The main site of the network https://briastorm.com

The site of its own crypto currency https://briacoin.com
Applications, purses under Windows (any version) MAC iOS,
in the development of applications for Android and for the iPhone.

Exchange crypto-currencies https://ore.bz and https://ealtyn.io, which are developed and maintained by our company.

A social network of partners, products and services around the world https://briastorm.net
Free audio and video communication (conference) of high quality for all participants,
messenger and integration with famous social networks: Vk, Facebook, Twitter, Google.

The legal and physical address of the office and the company's constituent documents.
Office Address: Briastorm Limited, 272 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4JR, United Kingdom